Thursday, 18 June 2009

Wilderness # 58 Cry Freedom & # 59 Only The Strong - Book Reviews

Wilderness # 58 – Cry Freedom & # 59 – Only The Strong By David Thompson – Genre: Western

This story is spread over two books so I’m reviewing it in one go (saves my typing fingers!!). The Worth family are black slaves on the run from their owners after the father, Samuel, accidentally kills a man who is about to harm his daughter Randa and together with his wife Emala and son Chickory the four of them head towards the imagined safety of the wilderness of the Rockies. Nate & Winona King on the way to St. Louis encounter the family and Winona gets Nate to help them on their journey, Nate does so burt with reservations, he thinks the Worth’s are hiding something from them. What follows is an excellent tale which includes two sets of slave hunters, untold wilderness dangers from man, beast and the elements, kidnapping, being set-a-foot and much, much more. Bags of action as usual, great dialogue with some funny moments, great character’s and an excellent plot, another great pair of books in the series, well worth hunting out !!


  1. You're way ahead of me on these John, good to see the series is holding up the quality.

  2. Yep a great series that continues to entertain, finished #60 The Outcast earier today, another excellent tale.