Saturday, 20 June 2009

Wilderness #60– The Outcast By David Thompson - Genre: Western

I’ve read four Wilderness books in the last few months and I must admit I’m amazed that David Thompson (real name David Robbins) can come up with such an enthralling and consistently excellent series of books with such great storylines every time I read one, to me this speaks of a writer at the height of his writing prowess. This book starts off brilliantly and never lets off to a great finale. A lone Indian warrior arrives at the King valley determined to wipe out then people living there but after spying Louise King he is reminded of his dead wife and his mind is suddenly in turmoil, this is a start of an twisting tale as events unfold with a kidnapping, a vengeful spouse, a return of an old enemy, a multi-threaded chase and a surprise ending. Great characters in this tome including “Te Outcast” who I hope we see again, fantastic dialogue that has a lot of emotional moments and a lot of humorous ones as well, loads of great action with many perilous moments and a great storyline to boot. All in all this was another fantastic read in this continually excellent series. A must read IMHO if you like the Wilderness series.

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